International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

Today, on the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, the 25,000 frontline Controllers represented by The Alliance will be doing what they do every single day of every single year – making sure that the travelling public across the world are able to reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

On this day The Alliance commits to continue to spread its message of global solidarity and will spend the next twelve months before the next International Day of the Air Traffic Controller in our pursuit of excellence. The Alliance will further expand the work we are undertaking with partners across the Aviation industry, whether that’s other labour movements, ANSPs, Industry bodies or the manufacturers of the equipment and new technology that Controllers use to perform their duty, by offering access to our expertise and knowledge.

This week The Alliance will be continuing this work at the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) annual conference and exposition in Washington D.C. We will have a stand in the main conference hall (booth 203) and will partaking in a collaboration panel on Tuesday 22nd October at 1030 in the Quesada Theater.

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