The Alliance Continues to Work Together During Covid-19

The Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance is continuing to meet remotely to ensure that we are able to collaborate effectively during the Covid-19 global health challenge.  Whilst the global decrease in Air Travel has affected all member Unions of The Alliance its’ impact has varied from country to country.  However one constant is that our members are continuing to provide a vital service across the globe to allow air traffic to continue to flow where it is needed.  This has been particularly important to ensure that repatriation flights allow people to return to their loved ones and that the flow of cargo across the world can continue unimpaired.
Through our collaborative approach The Alliance members are able to share what is being done at their units to protect Air Traffic Controllers across the world who have to work during lockdown situations.  Additionally, as we hopefully see a gradual recovery in air traffic, we will be in a position to share best practice to ensure that when the world starts to fly again we will able to handle it safely and efficiently.  As our aviation world is changed forever the ability to speak with a clear, collective labour voice will be more important than ever.
Although physically we are isolated from each other at the moment the members of The Alliance remain committed to unity and solidarity during these testing times.  We remain committed to our goal of protecting the integrity of global airspace system and will continue to work closely together in the coming months to ensure we do so.
The Alliance
6th May 2020

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