Industry Relations

The Future and Integrating Emerging Technologies: An ATC Perspective

Recently at World ATM I had the pleasure to moderate a panel on future technologies in ATM and what it means for controllers. Nick, Jerry and Mike represented thousands of controllers working in Canada and New Zealand and did an amazing job putting context around what technology means to the profession and the aviation network as a whole. The biggest thing I took out of the panel and the important message for many ANSPs is that all the panelists were very supportive of new technologies, but the message was they want to be involved. Whilst most controllers are not engineers, the one thing they are good at is providing feedback and context to what technology will do to their day-to-day work. Whether it be digital tower technology, new ATM systems, surveillance technology or AI support there is an appetite worldwide from the controller workforce to be involved from the start, to develop and implement these exciting technologies. It was a privilege to be involved in the discussion and I hope the audience enjoyed it.