The New Zealand Air Traffic Control Council represents 360 controllers from facilities across New Zealand. The majority of controllers are based in Christchurch Centre. Oceanic services are provided from Auckland Oceanic Control Centre, with aerodrome and approach services from 17 other locations in the north and south islands for New Zealand domestic airspace. The New Zealand Oceanic FIR covers a large part of the southern Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand Air Traffic Controllers form part of the New Zealand Air Line Pilots Association (NZALPA) which represent controllers professional and industrial interests. NZALPA headquarters is situated near Auckland International Airport and provides a range of services to approximately 2500 pilot and ATC members including industrial, technical, medical, welfare and legal services.

The NZALPA Board of Management provides Governance and oversight of the affairs of the Union and reports to the Annual Conference. Principal Officers/ Directors (including our ATC Director) are elected to oversee the day-to-day running of the union and its staff. The ATC Director and the Air Traffic Control Council deal with all ATC related issues.

The NZALPA Air Traffic Controllers Council is proud to be a founding member of the Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance and an active participant in other global ATC groups. NZALPA is a strong supporter of the Global ATC Alliance and is committed to continuing its collaboration with other ATC trade-unions to foster a culture of mutual support and solidarity amongst Air Traffic Controllers worldwide.

The Global ATC Alliance is essential in ensuring the interests of Air Traffic Controllers, and their representative organisations, are furthered now and in the future as new technology, staffing optimisation and capacity enhancements are introduced worldwide.