USCA was created at the end of the ‘80s, when controllers from different associations came together. It is currently the main ATCO union in Spain, representing almost 90% of air traffic controllers, most of which work for Enaire, the main Spanish ANSP. However, more and more controllers from the private market have also joined us over the past few years.

USCA is aware of the important role that international law plays in our daily work, especially the European one, and invests, therefore, big amounts of economic and human resources in order to be up to date and participate in the various international fora. This is made with a collaborative and professional spirit, sharing ideas and experience with other stakeholders also involved in air traffic management.

USCA’s main value rests in the professionalism and commitment to safety of all our members. Our volunteers, together with other fellow controllers, pilots, engineers, etc., work tirelessly to improve air-traffic safety standards.

USCA sees the creation of The Alliance as an opportunity to join forces with other trade unions and associations worldwide, and speak with a single voice about the needs and problems our sector faces, and with a single voice propose professional solutions and measures to be taken by the government departments and safety agencies involved.