The Canadian Air Traffic Control Association (CATCA), officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1962, is a trade union representing all Air Traffic Controllers in Canada. For over 50 years the Association has been working to create the best working environment for approximately 2,000 controllers within three Canadian employers – Transport Canada, Serco, and NAV Canada.

While collective bargaining is the primary role of the union, CATCA works closely with their members to promote the status, working conditions, compensation and security of the membership and to promote aviation safety. Canadian controllers provide one of the safest air spaces in the world.

CATCA’s Executive Board (the President, Executive Vice President, and five Regional Vice Presidents) head the Association and oversee operations, and each take on specific projects and initiatives. The President and Executive Vice President work at the national level while the Regional Vice Presidents represent the interests of their regions at the national level.

At the local level, CATCA is based on a foundation of members who volunteer and work tirelessly to provide frontline services to their members.

Canadian controllers work in different capacities in Canada – an Area Control Centre (ACC), a Control Tower, or a non-control function. There are 7 ACCs, 41 towers and 4 non-control operations in Canada. Controllers are rated and licensed according to the specialized training they receive.

All controllers work seamlessly together to provide service to commercial and private aircraft. Their professionalism and dedication mean that you will arrive safely every time you fly.

For more information on CATCA, please visit catca.caFacebook or Twitter @CATCA5454